Isthmus SOT ?????

I’m considering a Isthmus SOT to play with. 17’x21". Does anyone have thoughts on this boat??

Thanks, GH

I Thought It Was Cool!

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When I was looking for a fast SOT I thought that boat had a lot of potential. The South Africans know about fast boats, and the price seemed good. For me the big problem was 3,000 miles. They are not imported to the west coast.

I guess you know Iceman has one. I have not seen him around lately, but you can look up some old posts and email him.

I would certainly try before you buy. A 21" beam on an SOT can be much less stable than the same on a sit inside because of the higher center of gravity. I think it probably handles more like a ski than a kayak.

As a rule, I think that most fast boats are not much good for anything but going fast. Not much good for diving or fishing...

Grayhawk, you know what…
you need to do. Set up with Bruce for a test paddle. He’s in Boca but think he has his boats stored in Ft. L.

That deal he’s got going is pretty sweet. Boat like that for plastic SOT price! (Nice deal on that Bucaneer too for anyone SINK shopping, and I think he’s throw a split wing in on that one).

If you would rather try a privately owned one maybe Iceman or Hexsledge can hook you up. If not sooner, I’d think both of them would be at the B&B next month. Both should be able to give you details on it. Haven’t seen an Isthmus in person yet myself.

Bogey & Bacall

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Hello grayhawk,

In a couple of weeks, I will be at the B&B, so you might try it.

If you are looking for a fast boat within a Sea Kayak category, the Isthmus is great, not as unstable as a Surf Ski, but a bit tippier than Sea Kayak.


Do you have any particular question?

Play boat…
I already have my perfect SINK(s), Thought it might be a fun boat to kick off the dock for a workout ( I’d be the fastest boat in my canal…) The water’s relativily warm so a tippy boat would be fine and more interesting.

We’ll be racing both of the little Pygmys at the B&B. I have a ringer for the second one. She’s lighter, younger, and stronger than me. Just want to see how bad I get blown away… GH

Done deal…
I just bought the last two 2003 model Isthmus’s and will pick them up Sun. too good a deal to pass up (I think)… I will keep the pretty one (yet to be determined) and sell the other. Like I need more boats…

Thanks for the input, GH

Why do I get the feeling
Why do I get the feeling there may be another voice in all this, and that you end up keeping the pair?

Congrats grayhawk,
You’ll enjoy the Isthmus, I’ll see you at the B&B, I’ll have a red Isthmus and a yellow Q700XL


Hello Wil,
Are you going to race with both???



as of right now I’m registered with he Q700 for the Bogey and the Isthmus for the Bacall, but that can change by then. Good to hear from you,


Now that we have two more Isthmus on the S.Florida scene (I will keep the second one local if I can). Maybe we can give those other plumb bow advocates some competition on extolling the virtues of our craft. … GH

Give It Up!!!
I wish there was one on the west coast for me to check out… I will not be there for the B&B this year, but I may be back for next year.