It Got bent...

While traveling with a buddy recently with kayaks on top of a camper, I noticed mine was bowed on the bottom going up in about the center.

It did go down somewhat.

Is there anything I can do to get it back as close to normal as possible??

Will this always be a problem??

Thanks !!

is it a plastic boat? take it out of the sun and turn it over…

Its an Old Town Adventure XL125
so…no not plastic

It is PolyLink 3
which is a form of plastic. Try putting it in the sun. Polylink 3 has memory and usually straightens out (thio maybe not completely) with moderate heat amd time.

Should I put it bottom up into the sun??

100% with memory.

HEAT will restore shape.

sun, hair dryer (carefully) or hot water.

plenty of achived beta here


hopefully will come out on
its own, but laying it with the bottom up in the sun for a day or two may speed it along. As mentioned above, a hair dryer may help as well. Just don’t get it too warm. Some of this stuff has a great ability to come back. I have an XL 160 and put a couple of dents in it from a rack (too tight) and they popped out the next day.

Sun & a Prop
Set it in the sun, upside down, with a flat board under the “dent”. Prop the board up so it pushed against where it is caved in.

The sun will heat the area, and allow it to relax back into shape. The board and prop will help push it upwards also.

This worked for me!

Thanks for the ideas !!!