It isn't only the young.

I was driving into HD when a 50+ guy came out of the store - and stopped in the middle of the road . He was reviewing his bill and never noticed the large white truck stopping 10’ from him.
I am typically in no hurry so I just sat there in my very quiet truck.
He has more faith on drivers than I do.
Oh, I’m padding with my grandsons tomorrow , and Monday, and Thursday .

Maybe he’d have noticed if you only stopped 2’ from him.

Maybe he was trying to permanently get out of reviewing any more bills.

Oh yeah, and…Enjoy the paddle with the grand kids!

Did he have an “I’m special” sticker stuck to his forehead?
The “I’m special” people are always right, in “every” situation:

They can park in handicapped parking areas even if they aren’t handicapped.
They can park in front of fire hydrants.
They don’t have to use turn signals.
They never dim the lights on their car/truck.
They can tailgate you, as close as they want too.
They can drive as far as they want too in the center turn lane before actually turning, or entering traffic…
They can park in the middle of 2 parking spaces.
They can suddenly cross 2 lanes of traffic, a center turn lane, and pull out in front of you, no signal given, causing you brake hard to avoid a collision.
They can text while they drive, or use a dashboard mounted lap top.
Special women can apply makeup & style their hair while driving.
Special people can quickly swerve in front of you, drive 6 more car lengths, and then turn into McDonalds.
Special people can litter at will.
Special people can read maps while driving.
Special people can park in no parking zones, while waiting for their special other to do a quick run into WalMart, the post office, or drugstore.
Special people can ignore road work ahead speed limits.
Special people can drive without turning on their lights when it’s getting dark.
They can back out into obvious, oncoming traffic.
They can drive down an interstate, in the passing lane, at 50 mph if they want too.
At 4 way stop they always have the right of way.

If you aren’t special; keep your eyes peeled for the “I’m special” stickers on the special people’s forehead.
If you don’t see the sticker; that doesn’t mean they aren’t special…
Special people make their own rules, and don’t have to wear their stickers if they don’t want too.

Remember, in every situation the special person is always right.
They don’t have to use common sense, or play by any rules, and anything that happens is “somebody else’s fault”.


And they often drive Cadillacs . My guy got in a plain Jane pick up.

Oh, and I saw half of them on I-85 today.

I’ve been debating putting an air horn on my Dakota for years. This just might be the year. On the other hand, swiveling .50 cal guns would be just too much work.

BMW drivers. That brings up the joke about the difference between BMW’s and porcupines.