Italian Sea Kayaks

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Has anyone paddled one of these?

Does anyone know if they are available in the States? The dealer section on their web site comes up empty on my browser.

Hello Wilsoj,

I recently purchased a Qajaq Seawolf. A very long boat. It is fast, tracks like the proverbial freight train, easy to roll, and edges confidently. The finish is superb which is something the images at the website show poorly. If you see one you will think of a Lamborghini. The fiberglass lay out inside the cockpit is smooth as a baby face. Yakima foot rests, Valley hatches and skegs, etc.

Two of my club friends own HV Viking boats and they speak volumes of them. My rolling coach says that stability is higher than in Vcp boats, but then, he has only tried a Nordkapp.

People who attended a symposium on March 2005, where the Valley boats were exhibited, kept regarding Qajaq’s quality as well higher and equally good looks. As for the hull and performance I have not a clue as I yet never tried a Vcp kayak.

There is an Island of Sardinia as well in my club and being a narrower boat for smaller paddlers I have never tried it. The owner is satisfied but he regards his seat as uncomfortable. All I can assure is that it is a beautiful watercraft.

It seems that Qajaq exports much of its production to the States but I am inclined to think that figures are still low. As for the dealers, I would suggest contacting the factory. They keep American customers in high regard.

Last month I shot some photos of the new Qajaq boats at my local kayak shop. You can watch them at:

By the way, I enjoyed thoroughly your last email.

You get to paddle the Mediterranean…
any time you want, and you own a craft that beautiful? You have my eternal envy.

Thank you. Beautiful web site.

They sure are beautiful boats. It is impressive to read that the build and finish quality exceeds Valley (whose QC is very good).

If I am ever getting to Spain, I will email you.

In the meantime, I will email the manufacturer.

get a passport and buy a plane ticket
I will go too!

If you go
try these people

Elba Island and Sardinia are BEAUTIFUL places

Sea Kayak Italy
Both Qajaq and Sea Kayak Italy are connected. The school coaches designed some of the Qajaq’s boats. For instance, Raymond Varraud, layed out the plans for the Seawolf.

A American coach woman has been -maybe she still is- working with them.

Vcp vs. Qajaq

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As regarding the quality of both brands, please consider that I have actually never seen a Valley boat myself. The information was passed from coaches, symposium assistants and the owner of the local kayak shop who has been a Vcp and P&H national dealer. But then maybe, they have become fond of their own tastes.

What I can attest is that lines, gelcoat, diolene lay out, coaming, cable, cockpit, double glassed seam, reinforced keel and so on, of the Qajaq boats are so finely handcrafted that the kayaks look actually like expensive furniture.

As for the looks, I still consider Valley boats dazzling.

By the way, today I ordered the Talic sea horses you told me about.

These do look sexy
I love Valley boats but these kayaks look and sound very interesting. I’m not quite sure of the skeg setup. Their website says they use Valley skegs, but I have never seen that verticle design associated with a Valley skeg.

The Red Squadron on your website (which is excellent) has an interesting foot brace arrangement.

It does seem that many European and Japanese kayaks share obvious traits with British boats. Maybe calling it ‘Brit style’ is bit Anglocentric.

I hope you enjoy the Talic Sea Horses. We’ve found them quite handy.

Response from Italy

Thanks for yr. e-mail dtd 9-5-05-

Unfortunately we do not have any dealer in the U.S.A. or Canada (only in Europe)

We sell kayaks anywhere in Europe,

mainly Scandinavian countries.

We build and sell directly our kayaks - if you are interested to prices and or technical info, let us know.

Best regards - Paola

Resinvetro srl