Italy, Spain...

Does anyone out there have experience or contacts for the Mediterranean coast of Italy and Spain. I’m going to Barcelona, Nice and Portofino areas in a month and would like to rent a boat myself or paddle with some experienced folks.


Italy paddling contact
Email Charles is an excellent kayaker from the SF Bay area who is in transit to Italy to open a B&B in combination with kayaking venue.

Try this

But of course …

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Not far from Barcelona, there is the Pagaia Kayak club located in Llanca (Girona), close to the French frontier. The area is a natural park and some of the club members are experienced and arrange week long trips in the Mediterranean. They held a symposium in early spring 2005 with Nigel Dennis and Chris Cunningham.

South of Barcelona there is my kayak shop and the Mediterranean Kayak School. The staff is experienced too.

Then, 2 hours and a half furthest South, there is the Oropesa Yacht Club, where my sea kayak club headquarters. Not very experienced but trying hard. If you have a chance to drop by, drinks will be on me.

The most experienced of my club friends lives in Barcelona. I know he speaks good English.

As for Italy, I suggest the Italian Sea Kayak School too. Excellent boats.


Thanks, Ignacio…
I hope to see you in early July.