Itasca to Gulf?

Anyone done an Itasca “through paddle” down to the Gulf? Not a particular technical paddle or even that beautiful from what I can gather but something about paddling the country toe to toe is intriguing to me. Any insights or thoughts on a through paddle from anyone? Wondering about camping…seems like that’s kind of dicey.

Itasca Illinois ?

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well, assuming you are ? yes, no I have not. Nor has anyone else. Doahn hold your...

However I have read of this and maybe herein. But not sure. Nor do I know if the musing about going from lake to River was accomplished or merely theory.

there is knowledge and research for voyageurs and exploration portages. Ah yes Portage. Search for THE ILLINOIS MISSISSIPPI VOYAGEURS PORTAGE.

As for the river, no there are camping areas everywhere in the highlands but less so lower down where the land is swampy

I have driven the river 4 times. Much of the agricultural areas, see GooGle Maps reeks of agricultural chemicals causing respiratory problems and worse. fields are sprayed before seeds sprout.

Articles I've read never go on about serious problems when descending the Mississippi. That alone is suspicious. There are comments abt 'almost run down by a large barge appearing as huge moving cliff coming up astern at abt 25 mph thru the morning fog when I ....'

read up

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one from Kruger

there is more. try the magazine index in the library or a wiki on line. Jackel here in Pnet may know.

It’s done by quite a few people every

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year. Go check out the Facebook group "Mississippi River Paddlers". Its a public group of over 1,000 members, many whom have paddled from Lake Itasca to the Gulf or parts. Good camping on sand bars below St. Louis to Baton Rouge, depending on water level. I came down the Missouri and went on down to the Gulf last year. I thought it was quite pretty south of St Louis. Watch out for towboats and barges. Check out the group and see for yourself!

.The bluff country below Minneapolis is beautiful. From the headwaters to Iowa I believe is the prettiest part of the river. There are spots to camp all along the river.

Yeah lots "Mississippi River Paddlers"
Get on Facebook group “Mississippi River Paddlers” about 800 members strong. At least 50 expeditions per year go Itasca to the Gulf ALL are members…thus anything you wanted to know you can read, see blogs, pics, trip reports and ask direct questions to those who have paddled it. John Sullivan is one of the moderators and does a great job. Hes even got a list of start dates for all those going this years so far. I know about 35 paddlers to have done the whole river.

Go there, or else waste your time gathering info elsewhere.


Thanks for the referral. Much appreciated.


quite a stream

my favorite was an older Canoe & Kayak journal of a rowed/sailed descent in what I remember was a small rowable catboat. Probably in the older library stacks

A quick look at accidents mostly power boats involves : no life jacket or boat hits lock/dam ….didn’t run across a DUI list.