item to help kayak carrying

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I was interested in something that fits around the back of a kayak with two wheels and so you can move it by your self while the back is rolling like a car and you carry the front with your hands on the handel . What is it called??? And does anyone have info on them??? THANKS VERY MUCH :)

I reserched
I think I found it. I think they are called kayak end carts .

google up kayak cart and there they are. One good looking one is on the site, although there are probably many others.

happy carting.


I go kayaking…
I go kayaking with other people so there is two people carrying but I was interested in that for when I go alone. thanks :slight_smile:

Girl Friend
is another kayak-carrying item. But, I always get the HEAVY end. Kayak carts are handier and not as tempermental. (LOL)

I made one out of common things found at Lowes, WalMart, West Marine for about $35.00 and it breaks down so I can put the whole thing in even my small hatch. If interest in plans/directions pop me an e-mail so I’ll have you address.

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Permanent mounting
I used some Lowes aluminum, rivets, bolts, and the wife’s 12" garden cart wheels w/axle to place on the rear deck. On land, I roll it upside down and off I go. To launch, roll the back in, flip in water, leap in and start paddling. Weight was maybe 2 lbs.

I did a ~ 1/2 mile portage on the Run of the Charles near Boston. While I jogged along waving at the adoring crowds, the guys carrying boats were doing what looked like “trudging”.

Tail dragger
2 wheels an axle and a v-block. Attach with a bungee. Fat wheels will allow you to roll on sand while narrow wheels wil be more compact and lighter. Make sure the axle is wide enough that the bungee does not rub the wheels. V-block should be 8"-10" long.

Paddleboy makes a good cart
I have a Paddleboy (no pun intended) cart that works very well for me. I can take it apart and if folded right, will fit into my rear oval hatch.



Kayak carts

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Remember that when you put a cart at one end of the boat you are picking up more weight than a cart that is in the center of the boat. I have both type carts. You know you are going to throw all that paddle gear in the cockpit. The center placement distributes the weight better. The center placed type is much easier over longer distances.

Spray on grease and rope to other end.