it's going to be cold , windy and ......

-- Last Updated: Dec-03-10 9:09 PM EST --

....... rough out tomorrow ... wind chill will begin at 23 F. and make it all the way up to 31 F. ... winds will be NW at 19 mph g/27 ... waves 3' (sometines 4'+)... all day first light to dark .

We will be in an open CC boat trolling ... again ... ugggg ... fish better bite (Stripers of course) ... the big ocean fish entered the bay a few weeks back (45"-52") ... we've only got a couple weeks left to stock some more in the freezer (season ends 12/15/10) .

My guess is we are going to get the shit knocked out of us (again) and strike out ... anyone want to make a wager ??

Endeavor to persevere
I never let that stuff stop me. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.

sounds like
extreme fishing to me. i can’t hack it.

Open? As in no cabin? No thank you.
I hope you do well.

  • Big D

we caught one 34" Striper …
… and that came at the very end of the day when we were hauling the lines up (nephew and I each put a half fish fillet in the freezer) .

We were a little bit luckier with the weather than forecast . Winds were a few kts. lighter … 7 am. was 16-g/25 , 8 am. 13-g/18 , by 11 am. 9-g/11 it calmed some and pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the day , maybe even got a little better .

Wind chill temps. were still pretty raw though … 7 am. between 20-22 F. and improved to 29 F. by 5 pm. .

Is this type of fishing worth it … NO WAY . But it’s the nephew’s boat , it’s what he wants to do , he’s the captain and he’s going to do what he wants and hunt Stripers the way he wants , and unfortunately that seems to be trolling (very unproductive method) … ugggg !!

The only good thing about it is I love my nephew and enjoy being with him as much as possible . I just don’t feel I can stand to go through another year of this trolling insanity with him though . There are much more productive ways to catch Stripers from the Chesapeake .

yes D , it’s a 21’ Center Console …
… BW Outrage and it is open (no cabin or protection from elements) .