It's not winter but reading this forum

Same reasons I paddle SOT with SPF 50 for exposed skin.

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From here in Vermont, I usually get out once a week with a paddling group of seniors, and one other time on my own. Due to recent flood events, rivers are dangerous and icky, and lakes with lots of fertilized runoff tend to have blue-green algae. That leaves the more isolated lakes. And with a week in Maine, Narragaugus Bay with the seals.

As another “ole timer” who has been here essentially the same time as String, I think most of us who are still here do quite a bit of paddling. Some of us even more so in the winter months (because we get action and quietude).

The point of of the “Paddler’ Place” is to talk about anything one feels move to, as long as one tries to stay respectful and positive. Participating in a back and forth thread doesn’t mean one isn’t paddling, but that one cares about the issue being discussed. We can paddle and still post on a discussion thread.

We all have the ability to choose what we topics we want to engage in, and to disengage as needed or appropriate. I dare say that the cadre of us who have lasted this long, has figured this out and pick up the ability to engage/disengage as needed.

I used to love talking endlessly about pushing my “rough water” boundaries and all the SINKs/SOTs/surf crafts that I have acquired, tested out, and/or have gotten rid. I have also my share of calm, flat water (fishing) crafts which to me aren’t that interesting to talk about. But, I have been told that I come off as “adrenaline junkie”, “elitist” and/or “boat slut” – all of which are at least partially true. But, it reaffirms that even if one sticks with talking strictly about paddling and paddling crafts, someone will still be offended.



Its called sharing! Dont worry about it.


I wonder what types would classify you as those things when all I read into your posts are honesty, humility, and a touch of self-deprecating humor. I always search out your posts, Sing - and even if I never meet you or dip a paddle together I will always feel a sense of comradarie with you.

It has been too long since I dipped a blade though my gear bag is full of mostly-new paddles/drysuit/tools of the trade. I have been waiting a year plus for my boat to be built and now with the effects of years and wear and tear on my body I fear time is limited on the water moving forward. Painful fingers/hands/elbow/shoulder all resulting from too much enthusiasm in everything physical may signal the end of my time. (and one final new boat sale) Cheers, Scott

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Thanks, Scott. Looking in the mirror, back to my earlier times here, I see overexuberance and myopic focus on the specific paddling niches that I was engaged in at the time. This resulted in some long threads that can go back and forth endlessly. I can see how this can rub in the wrong way.

Ultimately, we don’t “paddle” in virtual spaces. We come to talk and share. This could be about paddling or any other topic of of interests (outside of polarizing politics) that we are interested and passionate about. Of course, differences of perspectives will ensue. Of course, some will be rubbed the wrong way. We can’t control how others react. But, we can monitor and control how we react. This is what I was trying to get at about being able last this long and enjoying PCom for what it can offer.

I “feel you” in that I too am experiencing the erosion of my physical abilities over time. (Just this past year I gave up on sparring with the young ones in the ring, much to my wife and sons’ relief). None of us are going to beat aging (and death). But, I hope to be able to keep plugging/paddling away and enjoying it 'til the end. I hope you and the other “old timers” here will be able to do the same!



There was a lot rain and fog here in Maine for the first part of the summer, but now it’s settled in to good weather with 70’s during the day and 50’s-60’s at night. I’ll have 60 full days here this summer, with 29 of them kayaking, so almost every other day. I’m very lucky to have a great launch at Colonial Pemaquid just a mile up the road (it’s where Maine Kayak does their rentals). So, I can mix up the days with longer drives with paddles from the close launch.

Im camping and hiking at blaclwater falls this weekend with gf. Left the boats at home. I will spend mon. and tuesday at the house and then down to the grandview sandbar on the new with friends for 4 or 5 days boating. Life is good. Sometimes nice to see the forum on the road. Helps to feel connected but I’m not as bad as teenagers with cell phones camping.

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I read your post about the birds of prey to my dog and, well, you can see her reaction


There was an incident some years ago here in Pittsburgh when there were multiple sightings of a great horned owl in one of the near suburbs. Then a resident’s tiny Yorkie went missing from their fenced in yard and turned up several blocks from their house tangled in a hedge on a neighbor’s property, alive but scuffed up and in shock. A trip to the vet revived it but also revealed it had talon marks on its torso and had apparently struggled out of the grasp of a large raptor. That pup lucked out.


Sounds idyllic, except for the cold water.

I just posted a trip report and pics from my recent visit to Navajo Lake, Utah. :wink: My recent trip to Navajo Lake, UT (pics)