It's Spring ..the first signs ...

The Enthusiastic Newbies arrive at Paddling Net already to buy a Rec Boat only to be told to Try Try Try before you buy. Something so reassuring about the cycles of mother nature. It always happens just after the swallows come back to Capistrano (and the bridge next to my freeway on-ramp).

Question? Suggestion? Or just need
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Every year
I was along our local largest tributary yesterday in cold, drizily, overcast skies. I was watching some fishermen wading for walleye when on the horizon I spotted the dipping of two paddles.

The water was pretty high and moving fast from run-off and rain. I waited to see if I recognized the two paddlers. By the time they shot the rapids it ended up being two POS rec boats, no skirts, no PFD’s, and cotton sweatshirts soaked up to the hoods. When one of these yocals ends up dead or injured it gives all of us paddlers a bad name.

I bet the ink on their big box store receipts was still wet.