It's Sunscreen Time

Hey paddle brothers and sisters. I went out yesterday for a couple of hours. It was so cool and cloudy at the start that sunscreen never crossed my mind. I got a little pink.

Don’t let these cool temps fool ya. It’s sunburn time.

Amen to that. I’ve lost one paddling buddy to skin cancer and can’t stand the thought of losing another. Put on that suncreen and that hat. Good, now don’t you feel better?

It’s ALWAYS time for sunscrean
unless you paddle at night.

In that case I better shave now
My face looks pretty funny if I shave my beard off after a good day in the sun. heh!


Sunscreen time?
Not here in Iowa. No sun, just snow.

See this post:

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This came up before, it's probably a pretty common topic. This what I wrote last time:
I believe it's a good option/alternative for protection from the sun.

Pedro Almeida

p.s. Highlight and paste the entire link, not just the red (pink?) part.