It's tent replacement time

My current tent finally bit the dust last fall, UV degradation and dry rot. I’ve got it narrowed down to 2 tents. First the specifics

3+ season use

3 people plus dogs

Sometimes backback, sometimes boatpack

The models I’m interested in are the Eureka Zeus Exo 4. It’s a single wall tent and I don’t have any experience. It appears there are a number of well placed vents to allow cooling and I’ll be camping mostly from Michigan northward. Here’s a link

The other is the Kelty Quartz 4 which is the traditional double wall tent. My last 2 tents have been Kelty and I’ve been very satisfied with their products.

So does anyone have experience with these tents specifically or single wall/double wall in general.



Have used both types-
single and double wall. Hands down for me is the double wall. The Kelty Quartz is a top notch product and would be my pick of the two you mentioned. You might also wany to take a look at MSR tents-one of my favorites.

The zeos
will have condensation. Check out the Eureka Timberlite 3. It is a fine shelter and fits your specs.

We have used a Kelty Vortex 4 for
several years, and have been satisfied with it. Scads of room (and vestibule room) for two, and surprisingly warm for a three season tent.

The only negative is the tendency for rain to get in when one is struggling through the two doors. The later rainfly may cure this. Also I will admit that wrestling the very long poles into the sleeves takes some getting used to.

I don’t know the “Quartz,” but I know they are renaming tents in their line which are substantially redesigned.

I have a
Eureka Zeus Exo 2 for one year now. Condensation is often a problem even with the vents. With a dog inside, I bet you would be swimming by morning. That said, it is extremely light, sturdy, and a snap to set up.