I've conceded the race

I recently bought the most expensive kayak I’ve ever had.
My wife just bought a sewing table that cost more. I had her beat on toy $ until now. Sort of.
I try not to think about the BTS CAD/CAM system.
However, she uses her toys almost every day and is quite creative. And happy.


It is your duty to spend your heirs inheritance so as to avoid future squabbling. You both did well.


The race never ends. Use it all before you go!


Own a corvette yet? No? Time to fix that

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My Corvette would be a quad cab pickup. But, I have a 2001 Tundra that runs like a new one.


There is no race.
I am 71 and now have started getting rid of stuff.
My next move is to set up some college scholarships for the emotionally challenged kids I work with teaching them to ride horses.
When your life gets confusing, help someone that needs it and it will straighten out your thinking.


Never give up.

Perhaps She Who Must Be Obeyed needs an even newer, better sewing machine. The kind which incorporates the Epic Meets Nine Nigels Algorhythmic 3D Stitch-N-Glue technology. BAM! in no time she’ll have you in stitches (and plumb bow and Swede form) out ahead of the Epics and QCCs and Surfski whatnots.

Or, better yet, just lillydip in the Tarpon of non-torpedo turpitude. For me, that’s a Mad River Explorer with two lounging retrievers and an IPA.

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42 years ago when my wife and I married, we each started taking a specified amount of mad money each month “off the top” of our combined salaries. With raises in salary, and better paying jobs came raises in amount of mad money we took each month.

There were no limitations whatsoever regarding what we did with “our” mad money. We never had any issue about who spent how much for their “toys”. We are both retired now; the plan continues…

Addendum: When that plan was initiated, we started another. Every raise in pay we got in all those years was invested in deferred compensation plans, annuities, IRAs, and CDs. The only time we have used any of that money & the interest it draws was to pay off our home mortgage. House payment money is now saved.
No credit card debt, no car payments owed.

We go where and when we like; we do as we please. We buy whatever toys we want, and pay for them with “our” mad money. Worked for us.



There is no issue over the current toy. When we had very limited income, like our first 25-30 years, there were no toys. We focused on debt retirement and educating kids.
Once the major expenses were done, we became a bit more relaxed about spending.


I’ve been pretty fortunate in life…26 yr. house paid off 6 years ago, saved 130 grand refinancing a year after build reducing 30 to 20 yr loan… no deb t month to month , but I(we live large)… not much we want now but I’m thinking about Sting’s purchase of the SOT… I actually talked to Marshall about buying one…I have boats( Prism. Magic, Wildfire, Mohawk Solo 13, Malicite,( my favorite…Hemlock Kestral…Valley Aquanaut, Perception Corona, Liquidlogic Inuiit 14.5, Valley Avocet…I don’t paddle some very often but I just can’t get rid of them

Coronaboy, we may need to talk. I have a problem with my right foot that causes it to always push. That is not good unless I like going in circles.
Because of my long legs, I have difficulty not pushing the rudder pedal . Marshall has suggested a work around that we’ll try Tuesday. If it doesn’t work, I’ll probably be selling the boat. A shame after one paddle.

That is a shame…I’ve looked at your yak on the net and there’s a dealer in Pittsburg, Pa but they don’t have the 14 only a 16…I forgot to mention that I have 2 SOT’s and 2 SUP’s… not very good at the SUP’s…I’ve got a OK Scupper Pro that’s 20 yrs old, never left outside…and a OK Predetor( I’m having a brain fart here, had a few drinks now) fishing Sot that I got for a steal 8 yrs ago. I enjoy the SOT’s on Lake Erie in the mid to late summers here…I recently purchased a Malone Micro Sport trailer at my wife’s request as she got tired after paddling to lift the boats to the roof of my Cherokee…today was the 3rd time out with the trailer…we really like it

I have been with the same woman for 23 years. After both being married before we are not married. We have separate finances.

“I think I might buy a boat.” “Go ahead, its your money.”
“I am thinking about buying a 1957 Chevy.” "Go ahead, I have always liked those cars. "

Coronaboy, for years I have paddled a Tarpon 160 and I also have a Pungo 140.
The S14S feels short to me but doesn’t act short. It’s probably visual.

I’ve been married to the same woman for 51 years. Mine and yours went away decades ago. What we have is total trust in each other to the point that each of us has permission to deal with end of life issues for the other.

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well I think it’s cause you’re a tall person, I was wondering why Marshall would have streered you to that short of boat… I’m 5’6" 160 lbs…I’ve got many watercraft, but most of them are in the heavy layups that were available…I had contimplated about letting some go to buy an ultralite craft and decided a SOT was where I should be at. now that I have the Malone trailer, I’m undecided

my brother and his wife seperate finances…never understood it …36 yrs. going strong here…never would think of mine…hers

When Marshall and I started talking, I didn’t know there was a 16’ version. I didn’t learn that until I had the 14’.
Marshall sold it to me as a demo at a good price. It didn’t have a scratch on it and still doesn’t .
Hopefully , we’ll get my foot issue dealt with on Saturday and I’ll be off to the races.
SOT have always been good for me because of my foot and leg issues and are great down here in the heat zone.

When when a couple goes from “ours” to one of them saying “mine” without letting the other know 24 years in, its a good time to separate … if you can work out an arraignment, then it only has to be finances.
Just sayin