I've now received a THIRD damaged kayak!

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I'm furious. I unwrapped it as soon as I got off work and the nose of the bow is bent upwards! There are also a couple other dents and scratches. This is absolutely ridiculous. I just got off the phone with Amazon who apologized and went to issue another replacement but said that it was temporarily out of stock. He was able to issue it but just didn't have a set date or any certainty of whether or not it would be available again.

When he was setting up the other replacement I asked if it would be possible in light of how extreme and ridiculous this entire situation has been, 3 damaged kayaks and several delays, for them to take a little bit more off of it he asked his manager who said no. I asked for the manager and he informed me that they had already refunded me a lot and he couldn't do anymore. I asked if it was his call or if he was simply unable to and he said it was his call. Should I fight for more?

The shipping company, XPO, also failed to do the swap and left the original damaged one on my porch and they even set the new one on top of it! Now I'm looking into possibly getting one of them repaired as I'm afraid the model may not become available again then I'll lose both the boat and my discount. Which of the two if either would you recommend getting repaired? Is it possible to repair an upward bent snub nosed bow, and if not what about the hole? I feel like the hole would be a temporary fix and would always have a weak spot. I found a local outfitter by me who does kayak repairs and I called and the guy will be back in Monday. Not sure what to do, but I'm really pissed I've lost another beautiful day of paddling tomorrow. Sorry for all these posts I'm just dumbfounded and overwhelmed, I really want this boat.

Here are pics of the most recent, third damaged boat I received this afternoon:

Get a used boat

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That you can see and know it has performed. Rather than a new POS from a big box store that won't stand behind its stuff. Obviously the latter is true, no company that gives a damn about the boats it sells would continue to accept a string of damaged boats.

And of course a better constructed boat would also have been harder to damage in the first place.

But you were told all of this so why am I trying...

I was told that Old Town are some of the

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Most strong and sturdy boats. That was the one thing they are known for. The important question is, can either of those be repaired?

No you were not
Willowleaf here told you Old Town used less than the strongest plastic.

My advice is above. But if you want to get really bad advice to try and repair this stuff, I am sure you can find someone to tell you that. Some of the other stuff you have posted on this board indicates that you are good at finding pretty questionable advice.

So you wouldn’t repair it?
Can I ask why?

Why are you so opposed
to buying a boat in person from a paddle sport retailer? There are several in Ohio. I certainly would have had enough by now. This is a small sport it’s always nice to patronize local or regional people who commit their businesses to it.

…everyone here is being taken for a humorous ride by Ohioguy25

Old town

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Years ago lots of tthe Old Town boats used a triple layer method that was really tuff. My girlfriend has1999Loon that takes a beating but no dents or I'll effects. Newer Old Towns do not use that method too often, if at all. Personally, I would never buy a boat I didn't touch, press ,squeeze and look over bow to stern, top to bottom. I have made trips of over a couple of hours to do so, and am always glad I did. So, pack a lunch, stop by little unknown diners, meet some people and look at, check out, sit in and ask about real boats with real people, so worth the drive, time, cost and effort and really makes for a great day.

New Boat
Send them back and start over. We all could use the entertainment. You bought a new boat! You didn’t buy a used or damaged boat. Sure if you want; anything can be fixed, but with the plastic boats the repairs usually don’t look too good ; plus its pretty easy to turn a small repair into a bigger job if not careful.

Good Luck

Upward dent is repairable
Some warm water or other heat to gently heat the plastic will cause the plastic to return back to close to its original position. Make sure you don’t overdue it and melt or burn plastic.

Doing so may void your warranty, though.

Nice, would it be as good as new?
I don’t want long term damage or weak spots

I think we have a “Pammy” replacement…

not repairable
That’s not bent, it’s been crushed. Applying heat is not going to fix that crease.

Tell Amazon you want a full refund. If they stall and you used a credit card, contact the credit company and see if you can get some satisfaction through them. You might luck out and Amazon will not only give you your money back but let you keep the messed up boats, since neither will be saleable in the condition they are in. At which point you can sell them on Craigslist for $100 each.

Then call the closest one of the Ohio Field and Stream dealers below. They show the Loon 120 in your favored funky red and black on their website. See if they have this “kayak of your dreams” in stock and take the drive to pick it up yourself.


Your experience doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – I would NEVER buy a hardshell kayak from a seller who was going to ship it. Especially from a mass market warehouse. I’ve never had to deal with a damaged boat because I pick them up myself, On occasion I’ve driven across several states to take delivery of a kayak and even drove 500 miles and then took the ferry from Muskegon across Lake Michigan to pick up one up in Milwaukee.

A “bargain” is no deal if you can’t get what you want when you need it.

Thank You
This has been very entertaining …now we can return to our regular scheduled programing …get a refund …if this is real :}

You are being way more patient than me
At this point I am mostly tempted to tell this guy it is repairable… on the scenario that he puts it into the water, gets totally wet and chilled when it opens up and sinks, and never posts this kind of foolishness again.

But sadly, I suspect that he would be back here asking how a boat could sink simply because it was full of water. Whether a troll or a real person who has less common sense than the least bright of my cats, some such silly response seems predictable.

good as new - no
Nope. The plastic can get back toward where it was, but will never fully reset. So it could be made to look better, but you will be able to tell it had been bent. And every flex/bend will reduce the strength, so getting it that way and then putting back both made it weaker. But it appears to be the nose, which is above water line. So really just cosmetic (not going to affect in-water performance). One caveat is if the plastic stays strong enough at the toggle to support boat weight when lifting by toggle.

This is assuming it is only creased/bent, and there are not any holes. That is a much different issue. Couldn’t tell when I looked at the pics with my phone.

This all said, I am with the others who suggest you should return it and buy local. You are hitting about a worst case downside to trying to save a few bucks over buying from a local store. I suspect you will see your story brought up here many times in the future whenever someone else suggests saving a few bucks by buying online.

If this is real, take this opportunity to get a boat that isn’t a piece of crap. You’ve been advised against that boat from the start. “Not meant to be, brah.”

Doncha think this is just the kayak gods’ way of telling you that you bought the wrong boat?

Take the advice that’s been offered here about 100 times. Return the boat for a full refund and get a better kayak.

this bad?
Was pamlico this bad? I have only hazy, distant memories from that time. This guy is something else.


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That's my opinion. Troll looking to win the troll olympics. I have to say, he is pretty good at it. I'm enjoying the show.