J Boat in the wind

I had the J-200 C1 out on the Concord river for a few hours yesterday. There is no current where I was but the breeze was blowing 5 to 10 knots and kicking up some chop.

I had no trouble heading up into or away from the wind. But any time I got 90 degrees to the wind it was like the boat locked in to that heading and didn’t want to turn at all. Sweeps worked fine up to 90 degrees but wouldn’t turn me past. Stern pry’s and J’s don’t seem to have much effect any time. Bow rudders worked but really killed my momentum.

Once I managed to drag the bow around a bit past 90 degrees to the wind I could finish the turn with sweeps.

It didn’t seem to matter whether I started heading up into the wind or away from the wind.

Is this common with these boats?

What do racers do to over come this?



90 Degreee winds

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Here's what works for me. I change to a long sweeping stroke,move the seat foward and do a wee bit of a paddle side lean. How much I move the seat foward or lean is anybody's guess as moving around in a J boat is risky business from my point of view. Of course at 6'4" with long arms I can put in a fairly long sweep. Oh this also may be a good time to tell whomever is listing that you will change your bad habits if they let you get thru this.
Now truth be told when it gets gusty as it has around here the last few weeks I opt to take out the DY Special for a workout.

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