J cradles or Sea Wings?

Thule J cradles, Malone Sea Wings,I have and have used both on a 12’ Current Design Kestrel roto, and an 11’ Old Town Loon. Is one system better for the boats then the other? I usually travel about a half hour at about 45 mph, and occasionally about 4hours at 60 mph. I have used both sets on both boats with no apparent ill effects. Any advice or info is appreciated, thanks!

I’ve had both…
… and the boats don’t seem to have a favorite.

Actually I switched from the Thule Js to Malone Js after about six weeks when the Thule hardware started leaving rust pools on my roof.

Malone js
I never tried the Malone Js, but I really like the Sea wings, I throw a rubber back bath mat on the roof/back of the car and just slide the kayak up, its a little easier then hoisting up into the Js on a Forester, yeah, getting old here…

I’ve got…

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The Malone Stinger loader thingy on my rear wing and it really works well.