J hooks with Roller Loader?

I have Thule Hull-a-Port J hooks and I was curious if it’s possible to use a suction cup mounted kayak load assist roller with these. I feel like it might he difficult to tilt the yak while pushing it up onto the j hook, especially since the hooks are rubberized and would prevent the kayak from sliding into position. Has anyone tried this?


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You can try, but there is a real danger of the kayak jumping out of the front J cradle and taking out your side mirror on the way down. I have seen it happen.

J cradles are meant for the kayak to be placed directly into the cradles. For most people this means two people to load the boat unless you can dead lift it over your head. If you will be solo loading most of the time then a flat cradle is the safer and easier option. I use Marco saddles and can easily load all of my kayaks from 12-18 feet solo in a few seconds. I would not be able to lift any of them into J’s.

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