J Rack Advice

I’m trying to decide which (if) J-Racks are best for my situation. We have an NDK Explorer and a Valley Aquanaut that we load onto a 2013 Toyota Tundra (with cap). I have 64" Thule bars with a Yakima Stacker in the middle. We load two other Explorers and head to Maine at least once a year. We also carry more than our two often enough to leave the system in place. I’m tired of strapping the outer kayaks to the inner ones and messing around with the straps going between the boats and getting caught, etc., etc. I think having J-Racks on the outside will make it easier. Strap the first two boats to the stacker and then the outer ones to the J-Racks. Done. If loading two boats, I’d use the J-Racks. I’m looking at the Malone Downloaders, which fold down when not in use. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

I like my Thule Pros
I think they are pretty similar to the Malone, they also fold down. I have had my Thule for 3 years with nothing bad to report. They also may be more designed to be attached to your cross bars.