J Rack Padding Replacement

Several years ago I bought several yards of black neoprene fabric (just like 3mm wetsuit), from Hobby Lobby. Sometimes they may have to order it.
It is super handy repairing wet suits, back bands and seats. If I want the material to be permanently bonded I use 3M spray contact adhesive.

Excellent source for neoprene, minicell, etc. Good outfit to do business with and fast shipping.

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Seattle Fabric sells neoprene but not minicell.


I reside in both Colorado and Vegas ,going back n forth thru all kinds weather several times a year .I’ve had some cut down noodles totally taped in E taped on my J racks (used strictly for storing my kayaks now) for a year now all good. On my horizontal racks on my Cherokee that my Pungo rides on Hull up on are noodles that are E taped / Gaff taped on, a section of which is exposed to the elements when no kayak is loaded… Its been 9 months of harsh conditions Snow wind 100 deg desert and hi altitude sunlight for weeks on end
And they still haven’t rotted out and retain some cushion ! If ya want cheap solution use the noodles and electrical tape 'em real good . Gaff by itself will come off eventually and Duct tape is just cheap quality tape to begin with …its used for interior ductwork anyways !