J Rack Padding Replacement

What would you use to replace the worn out foam padding on your j racks?

I think you could fashion something out of minicell or even neoprene sheeting. I just can’t tell how the existing padding is attached.

Foam pipe insulation…

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Pool noodles should work also

Most pool noodles aren’t sturdy enough to last very long in that application.

HVAC line insulation foam seems to be more sturdy than pool noodles. Perhaps the rack manufacturer will replace under warranty? McMaster Carr is another option https://www.mcmaster.com/thermal-insulation/insulation-type~tube/flexible-rubber-foam-pipe-insulation/

Foam pipe insulation and pool noodles might be kind of soft. It might be worth it to go to a bike shop and see if any handlebar grips might work.

“Armaflex”…HVAC and pipe insulation for outside.

Or…email the manufacturer from their web site and ask them.


Spot on. I need to replace the ones I use on a small stand every year and those are the big fat thicker ones.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I thought if HVAC pipe insulation… was thinking of something thicker… but then again, don’t want I much bouncy padding either.

Pool noodles are not UV stable either.

I have also used plastic tubing for that. No real cushion but it prevents chafe.

True but at $1 for 4 or 5 feet I use them and replace them and just replace them once or twice a year. They flatten out and loose their thickness and much of the padding ability but UV breakdown to a level that mattered would take more than a season.

In Florida we have a LOT of sun. Pool Noodles degrade and come apart in many pieces and stick to the rods if you don’t replace them fast enough. I put them on the trailer for those few times the cradles aren’t enough.

For simplicity of installation you could dress it like a Thule Hullaport PRO with a replacement pad.

out of stock on Amazon but I have some.

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The answer is pool noodle but wrapped in duct tape. It will last longer than the original.

Once a year I replace the foam with HVAC pipe insulation (purchased at a big box store) and then wrap them with neoprene fabric fastened with 2 zip ties. It lasts all year and the neoprene does not mar the finish of the boats.

Whatever material you use, if you find that it is too tight to slide on, lubricate the bars and the sleeve with alcohol or windex and it will slide on with greater ease. Once the lubricant evaporates the material will tighten up. That is a bike mechanic trick.


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I like this idea!! Thank you.

What neoprene material? Where do you get it?