J Racks

I just purchased a Future Beach 114 angler and a standard J rack doesn’t work. I have a custom built trailer set up to haul 4 boats in J racks.

anybody have any ideas?

Why doesn’t a std j-rack work? I looked at pics of the boat, and suspect that the height or shape of the side won’t fit on the lower leg of the J, or that the end of the lower leg of the j does not support the boat in a comfortable way. I’m guessing you already tried putting the boat on top side toward the upper leg of the J. How hard is it to replace one pair of js on your trailer?

J racks
With the boat setting in the J rack, the taller side hits directly in the middle of the hull. this Kayak has the new shaped hull that looks like a W that is streched out and measures 30.5 across the beam. Need to find J racks that are at least 28 inches on the long side.

J Racks
No problem to change the J Rack, just need to locate the longer ones if available.

sell the j cradles
move to stackers. Relatively speaking, j cradles waste space.