J Style car top racks.

I’ve been looking into getting a couple sets of “J Style” roof top racks for carrying my two sea kayaks. I’ve been using a Thule Slipstream but have decided to sell it and go to the J Style so I’ll have more room for transporting my boats on my car’s factory cross bars ('12 Nissan Murano). I’ve been surfing Ebay and Amazon and have found these, http://www.packemracks.com/pkfostjrorap.html. I’ve not been able to find any paddler specific website reviews. I suppose these are relatively new to the market. Reviews from Amazon all say about the same thing, “Foam padding comes off easily and the cam straps are a bit of a pain”. I see these as easily remedied but just want to know if the cradles themselves are durable. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Stainless steel is a good thing

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I have never seen them either, but I like the idea of having a removable pin to keep them upright or laying flat. I have Thule Hullavator pros and I think the weakest link in their system is the lock on the swivel. At full price they list they do seem a little cheap for stainless steel tube.

Foam is easily replaced by closed cell pipe insulation and covered with dragon skin.

Somebody has to be the guinea pig..............

guinea pig
Yeah, but I hate wearing all that fur. And, running on that little wheel just wears me out! Seriously considering trying them though. A bit more detective work ahead I guess.

Sale price looks good
Quality is hard to tell. Let us know how they turn out!