Jacks Fork

I hope to be there soon, and was wondering about a few sites I have never seen. Would the stretch between Blue spring and Rymers be flotable in kayaks without to much trouble, ie packing them? I would like to check out the caves on this run.

I also read somewhere on the net that we could launch on sinking creek and go through a short cave to reach the Current. Same question doable, fact or fiction?



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We're in a severe drought right now. You need at least 1.5' on the Mountain View gauge to paddle upper Jack's Fork, and 1.75' is better. It's now .9', very low like everything else arround here. As for Sinkin' Creek, I don't know of anyone who's paddled it, and never heard about a cave there. It would be floatable in spring or after heavy rains, but most of the time you'd be carrying your boat. Hmm, I wonder if the person is referring to Merrit Cave on the Current? It's about 2 miles above where Sinkin' Creek enters the Current. Right now, you need to paddle BELOW Alley Spring on the Jack's Fork and BELOW Welch Spring on the Current. Water's gettin' pretty thin, we need rain! WW

Thank you for the info. I guess I will see jam up cave at a later date. *#@!#! drought! The corn is all rolling and beans are suffering here, and I think we have had more rain than you all.