Jackson All Water kayak?

Does anybody have any experience with the relatively new Jackson All Water 9’ or 10’ kayaks? They look good on paper, but before I fork over $900 bucks for one I’d like your opinion about how they perform. Thanks.

try first…
paddle that all water and see how it does…

also - if you are wanting for rivers and some WW paddle the liquid logic XP and the pyranha Fusion.

if you are wanting for more flat water try the Venture kayaks “Flex”.

You’ve provided a dearth of information about you, or as far as that goes, the boat.

When and how you want to paddle, how big or small you are, or what your paddling experience is all need to be factored in. Boat length is but one facet of boat performance; there’s also beam, deck height, boat depth, hull configuration among others. And then there’s the sometimes euphemistic and sometimes hopeful manufacturer’s description of what the boat is designed for… (…“All-Water”…??? -not much help there, amigo!)

These are absolutely essential pieces of information needed to provide ‘sight unseen’ advice.

And BTW? $900 for a 9- or 10-foot kayak seems somewhat expensive for most boats in that class…!

Otherwise, it’s all smoke & mirrors as we attempt to help you answer your questions about shelling out good money for a boat you’ll be “happy in” as you


-Frank in Miami

These hybrid designs
have a niche market for folks who primarily do Class I/II with lots of pools, need some storage, and want to occasionally do short lake trips. I think most people would be happier and better off getting separate boats for whitewater and flatwater with some overlap.

You can take almost any plastic boat down most Class I/II rapids, so you can camp out of your longer boat. Then when it’s time to do a fun day trip on some real WW, break out the dedicated WW kayak.


Similar boats

Thanks for the input
Thanks, everybody, for sending your ideas. It’s always good to hear from folks who know what they are talking about! You have given me a lot to think about and may have just saved me a lot of money.

Would be easier to help if…

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you provided more info about your paddling experience and likely goals for paddling - fishing, quiet backwaters, WW, flat water, ocean/surf. As above the do-everything boats like this rarely do any particular thing well. And Jackson boats in general tend to sit at a bit of a higher price than other manufacturers who have boats in this niche.

If you seriously want to demo some boats, come back with more info like the above. The people could more easily point you at some good candidates.

All Water
Such claims rais flags.

All purpose anything usually means does nothing well.

Could be great for a pond. What are you doing with it?

some hybrids are rec boats with some whitewater capability - limited. all water and dagger approach come from the is background.

some are ww boats - with touring/recreational features incorporated - more ww oriented/capable. built in skegs, bulkhead and bit more length for flatwater/touring recreational use. this is more Pyranha fusion and remix xp foundation.

I think it’s unfair to label them as pond boats. The better hybrids would have been considered fine whitewater boats back when paddling whitewater was actually about running moderate rivers. For class III and below they’re probably better than many pure whitewater boats if you actually want to cover some miles.

Think of that.
Going down a river rather than sideways and in circles around a rock on in and out of an eddy… I didn’t know that was proper WW any more.


So nobody has paddled this boat?
I was looking at the Jackson All Water 10 as well and while I agree that seperate boats for the two extremes of kayaking disciplines is probably best, I’m not seeing anyone who has actually paddled this boat.

Jackson All Water
A better boat for many reasons is the Liquid Logic Remix xp 9 or XP 10 @ same price.