Jackson day tripper or wilderness Pungo


I am a beginner from the netherlands so forgive my bad englisch.

this week i am going to buy a kayak after a lot of research. I cant decide between 2 kayaks:

The jackson day tripper 12 elite

The wilderness pungo 120 or 140

I want to peddel slow rivers and lakes. Occasionall fishing must be possible.

Important for me is stability, a good seat and a big cockpit.

I weigh 265 pounds and my length is 6,33 feet

Please convince me


Which one?
You say you have done a lot of research, so I assume you know roughly what you want. IMO either of these kayaks will fit your requirements of flat and slow moving water. I own them both ( my Pungo is a 120 ) and use them in similar settings. The Jackson is what I take if I’m going fishing or taking the grandkids with me. It is also the packhorse carrying all the coolers and gear on family kayak trips. It is heavier and slower than the Pungo, but turns easier. The Pungo is faster, has better glide and tracks well, but is harder to turn. For slow rivers and lakes, either would work for your first boat given your requirements. I am 6’5" and 235 pounds (about your size). I find the seats in both are very comfortable and the cockpits are large. Good luck with your new boat and have fun!

Pungo 140
It is a great boat for fat paddlers like me and it is very fast. It can be turned as well as most sea kaya’s with some edging. You’ll have a hard time finding a boat that is much faster for your weight.

Hi Dave

You own both types so can you tell me witch one is the most “waterproof”. When boats pass there are waves. The Jackson floats higher on the water or not? So more waterproof.


Pungo Experience
My wife and I “share” an OK Trident 13 Angler and a Pungo 120.

I’m 6’3 and closer to 285lbs and while I love fishing from the top of my Trident, if I want to do some smooth and fast paddling in rougher water, I’ll steal away in my wife’s Pungo. I’ve debated selling my Trident and getting the Pungo 140 instead.

I don’t think you’ll regret the Pungo. They are great little boats. I can’t speak to the Jackson boat asI’ve never been on one.


The Pungo will handle rougher water better due to the reduced size of the cockpit. If it’s just rolling boat wake that concerns you, the Jackson will handle that also. If you are talking serious waves, the Jackson with it’s big cockpit is not designed for that.


Which one?

Let us know which one you decide on.


Hi, so, I am 6’4" ,230…do you think I woukd fit in the Pungo?