Jackson Day Tripper with Dog

Thought I would share a pic of my first outing with my new Jackson Day Tripper 12 with my Golden Retriever, Wrigley.

I took months researching to find a boat that would work with an 82 lbs. dog. It was quite difficult, luckily I had a local kayak shop that I could look at a lot of boats in person. I also wanted a boat to use in the BWCA, the Day Tripper is much like a solo canoe in this respect, plenty of room for my gear and will probably be carrying the groups food packs!

I know people are also asking what boats would be good with dogs, the pic shows the ample room. The boat is extremely stable (he did several 360 turns, and I never felt out of control, even leaning on one side of the boat for a while). I definitely won’t break any speed records (my wife was in an Emotion Glide and left us in the dust), but that’s not my style anyhow. I enjoy nature and the sounds.


(Let me know if the link doesn’t work)

Great pic!
I like your dog - looks like is well built compared to some of the weedy ones I see.

You have also landed on a perfect use for these boats. They had a couple at a local WW place, had to display them since they are a Jackson dealer. It wasn’t great product placement. This is a serious WW place, a lot of young people, so the only open-deck type paddlers that came thru were the ones in WW canoes. They’d have been better off getting the Day Trippers placed separately from their WW line, in some of the local lazy-creek-paddle type locations.

When my wife and I decided to get a Golden, we wanted the bigger built Golden versus the smaller, lanky ones. Come to find out there is an American, British, and Canadian type Golden. The American and British being the biggest difference. The British are more thick, shorter, and have the blocky head (Wrigley is this type). The American is taller, leaner, and more pointed snout (more typical in the US). Most people don’t even know he is a Golden, they are so used to the skinny ones. They are wonderful animals and so gentle. He was so trusting, even though he was clearly nervous. He loved watching the geese and ducks flying around, and of course he loves to swim.

Neat info
I know that when I see Goldens bred for field trials rather than show, I prefer their confirmation. Maybe those folks are also using British lines.

Love the dogs!
I love dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. I have one of those “field trial” type Goldens. He is a wonderful companion. Wish I could post photos because he is one handsome devil. Thank goodness for dogs.

On some of my more adventurous canoe trips I have been fortunate to see wolves in the wild. It is amazing how much they behave like our domestic dogs. Wonderful creatures.

Great pic. You and the dog look good. I paddle with Molly my Yellow lab.

Newf too big for any Sit-In
Spent a long time trying every Sit-In made to find something big enough for my Newf, but finally had to go with a WS Tarpon 130T plastic tandem and get a mini cell foam platform carved to fit the front footwell, then turf and wet fatigue mat for complete a jumping platform for my newf Orka for water rescue training / kayaking with me.

But I keep hoping someday to find a sit in kayak or hybrid that will work …

Love the picture of you and your dog!