Jackson Day Tripper

-- Last Updated: Apr-13-08 10:21 PM EST --

Does anyone have information on the Jackson Day trippers? I understand Jackson branched out into recreation kayaks in May of 07. I would like to know if anyone has used one of them and what kind of feedback I can get. I am looking at a Day Tripper 10 for my wife and a Day Tripper 12 for me. However, I am 290 lbs. and am wondering if it would work. Any information on these kayaks would be greatly appreciated.

old technology
i think there are many other boats out there with improved performance and fit. take a look at one the pungos from Wilderness systems or Something from Heritage. these boats offer more for the paddler - and comfort. the JK boats don’t offer anything new -

Have you looked at one?
I’ve looked them over on the racks. You are talking a good bit of paddle drip - beeg arse cockpit. And, if you are planning to get a non-swimmable distance from shore, darned if I can figure out how you’d do a self or even most assisted rescues in these boats. There really isn’t any good place to secure float bags.

I expect they paddle decently for what they are, but you might want to do come comparison shopping on price and features. The place where I saw them basically has to offer them because they are a Jackson dealer, but the feedback I got was that they are priced pretty high compared to comparable rec boats and so they really aren’t moving.

I saw one in a shop
My impression matches those of the other posters above. Not impressed.