Jackson Daytripper Kayak

-- Last Updated: Sep-01-09 8:52 PM EST --

Anyone have one of these kayaks or anyone try one of these out? I'm thinking I will will take one of these out on a demo. After researching it is one of the kayaks that seems to fit everything I want to do with a kayak. If you have any experiance with one of the Daytrippers I would like to hear what you think.

I'm looking to do some fishing, camping out on some islands on the river, also will be doing some lakes and some creek paddling. I really like all the room it has for storage and it was comfortable for me to sit in. It had great support on my back which I really like.


I hoped someone tried one
Well I did a demo day and tried out a few kayaks tonight. I’m going to another outfitters and setup a demo to try out a few more kayaks I have interest in.

The place I’m going does carry the Daytripper so I will be trying it out for sure. After taking a few out I have a really good idea now what I’m looking for.

Well if you try a Jackson Daytripper drop me a line on what you thought.



Setup demo
Well this Wed I had a demo setup to try out the Jackson Daytripper and 2 sit on tops to try as well. I’m also trying the Emotion Temptation and the Mojo. After that I will have tried out 10 different types of Kayaks.

So far of the previous 7 I have tried the Perception Prodigy 12 is my favorite.

Picked out my kayak
Well after researching many of websites and trying out 10 to 15 different kayaks to get a good opinion on what I like and dislike I came with what I’m saving my money for and buying.

It will be the Jackson Daytripper 12. After doing a demo with it vs the other kayaks I tried it felt by far the best to me overall. Super stable, huge cockpit, massive storage room, easy to paddle, tracks straight, not super heavy, very comfortable for me to stretch out in. It fits what I’m looking for to a T. The demo was the final straw on my decesion.