Jackson Hole WY

Any Kayakers here? Looking to form a group and create a database

I hear there are quite a number of WW kayakers around Jackson. There is a kayak shop there that offers trips and sells kayaks. Retail Store | Retail | Rendezvous River Sports - Rendezvous River Sports

My friend Sig bought a Eddyline Touring kayak (sitka ) from them, but had to order it from what I understnad.
Sea/Touring kayaks are not the day to day sales item there. White Water is more the norm.

I lived there for 8 years and had little success finding other sea kayak/touring partners. I did do some fun trips on Jackson and Yellowstone lakes though.
Good luck!

I and several of my friends all enjoy Ocean/Touting kayaks here in Wyoming, but none are very close to Jackson. We all usually paddle in the southern and middle parts of the state. One friend does go to Tetons for most of his kayaking and he lives in Dubois, but that’s still a pretty good drive from Jackson.
If you have a desire to go to other parts of Wyoming in the future let me know. Maybe we can meet.
I use Boysen most times just because I am 8 minutes from it. But bodies of water that are fun to visit include Flaming Gorge, Glendo, Fire Hole Reservoir, Fremont lake, Pathfinder, Bighorn Lake, Keyhole Reservoir, Seminoe Reservoir, Green River Lakes, and several others.

Are you new to the State? PM me if you’d like.