Jackson Journey 14 adjustment

Hey, so I just bought a new Jackson 14 kayak. I was reading online about the hip pads and sweet cheeks seat. My kayak didn’t come with these. Is it standard in the new 2017 models? It seems weird as it has the Velcro already but no pads. Thanks! The Jackson website isn’t super helpful as I can’t figure out what pads fit this boat.

I would contact Jackson by email and ask what should come with it and what options there are for improvement. The ones we have at a rental shop I work for all have the inflatable seats installed, so I assumed they came standard. We aren’t a retailer (tours, rentals, and classes only), so I can’t check.

Thanks, I am working on that process. None of the local shops came with them and one Jackson employee said hey should. So the shop is reaching out to Jackson to see.

Heading to a local demo day that is being put on by a Jackson Kayak dealer. I am considering the Journey 14, and will ask them to see what comes with it.

What are you comparing the Jackson Journey too? It´s a pretty unique craft, there aren´t many similar.