Jackson Journey vs CD Storm GT

Currently looking to purchase either the Jackson Journey or the Current Designs Storm GT kayak. I use my yak for day touring on lakes and eventually some Lake Superior day touring. I currently use a CD Kestral 12’ HV, but feel I’ve outgrown it and want to move up to something more.

My selection of kayaks is limited by my budget at this time, but am really leaning toward the Journey.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Big difference in lengths
The 14’ Jackson Journey is 3 feet shorter than the 17’ CD Storm, and slightly wider. Thus they are optimized/designed for slightly different uses. If you really are planning some Lake Superior touring, I would go with the Storm. It will also give you more room if you decide in the future to do multiday trips.

Of course, you should try to “test drive” these boats if you can, and perhaps others of similar price.

touring vs rec touring

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In general, the 14' is going to be slower but more maneuverable. If you plan to do a longer tours or need to cover some decent distance go for the longer boat.