Jackson Journey vs. Perception Carolina

I’m looking on-line so far only at these two kayaks, will be trying the in next week (I hope). The Jackson Journey is being asked for $700, the Perception Carolina for $475… both used, both claimed to be in excellent / used condition, and both are about same length, ~14’. I currently have a Pelican Ultimate 100 SE for small pond, and a Prion Calabria 14.5’ for longer trips. I’ve two boys (22 and 16 yo) that are also wanting to kayak, and maybe also the woman too ;). We currently live in NE Indiana area, so not looking for any white water, but relaxing long day/multi-day trips.

Thoughts, advice? Is the Jackson worth ~1.5x the price of the Carolina, even given its highly rated seat?

It has a much more highly rated designer
but I don’t know whether that will make a difference for you.

however, lol, pardon my ignorance, which one was created by a more highly rated designer?

I don’t have any experience with the Carolina, but I have been very satisfied with my Journey.

It’s fast for it’s dimensions and very maneuverable. I can spin this boat on a dime.

The seat is extremely comfortable and adjustable.

Customer service has also been spot on.

Given these two as your only options…
Journey all the way.

for the recommendations. Unless anyone else has other thoughts, guess I will be driving south to get the Journey for ~$250 more, instead of north for the Carolina. :wink: And hope that the woman of the house understands… /eek/

Buy the Cariolina and use the money…
saved to buy a really nice paddle. You will be glad you did every time you go out.

lol, too late!
Got back home around 11pm last night after trekking south few hours to look at and then pick up the Jackson Journey. Have paddled a bit in my small pond, now getting ready this afternoon to take her on a nearby river. And yea, will need to get a decent paddle now too. Thanks again for feedbacks!