Jackson Karma RG owners

I now have my new 2015 Karma RG and ordered a skirt for it. A seals Shocker 1.4.

Question is the 1.4 size that Seals says it is correct? I have my doubts.

Why , well I also have a QCC 700X which also says takes a 1.4 BUT the skirt I use on the QCC a Reed Chillcheater skirt which fits the QCC just fine is too small to even get it on the Karma RG. Now Reeds skirts don’t work on plastic very well at all, great on a fiber glass coning but horrible on plastic so I new I was going to need a new skirt any way. BUT I thought It would at least fit onto the Karma RG.

The Karma RG coning is bigger, my no name cockpit cover that fits my QCC easily JUST BARLEY fits onto the Karma RG.

So anyone who actually has a Karma RG what size skirt do you use? Iam thinking it would take a 1.7 ?

Oh I originally called seals and measured the conning and the women at Seals was sure the 1.4 was correct . Still I have my doubts so hopefully will get a response from someone who has a Karma RG.

Took it out without a skirt and did some rolling with no skirt, she rolls pretty well. I was hoping my Seals Surf 1.3 that I use on my Valley Avocet would fit but not even close.

This will stink if it doesn’t fit as I ordered a custom color which takes more time.

My experience

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I have been using a 1.7 Shocker, not because that was what seemed right for it, but because that was what I had been using for my other boat (a Dagger Alchemy). Never had it implode or pop off, including paddling it in rock gardens, not too extreme white water, and surfing. have been flipped more than a few times in this.

I do have a Seals Extreme Tour 1.4 that I could see if it works, but can't go and test it for a few days if you need that done.

I did talk to the owner of Seals at one point and he made it sound like the difference between 1.4 and 1.7 wasn't that large.

If you could
If you could try it to make sure a 1.4 does indeed fit that would be great.

I have had an RG for a long time and run a Seals 1.7 Pro Rand. Its tough to get it on so I wouldn’t go smaller

That’s what I thought. They just don’t know what there talking about at Seals.

seals 1.7
Peter…the Alchemy does take a 1.7? The Seals sizing charts says that’s the case, but I have a 1.7 on my Gulfstream and the Alchemy cockpit is a fair bit larger than the Gulfstream. I’m picking up an Alchemy in a couple days (no need to buy more stuff if I already have things that will work…).

definitely 1.7
Definitively takes a 1.7 Shocker. But my Seals Extreme Tour 1.4 also fits. The 1.4 is tight, but goes on without too much trouble.