Jackson Kayaks Replacement Stickers

Is there somewhere I could get new stickers for my 2016 Rockstar. Over the years they’ve just been scratched off what with surfing and usual wear and tear, and I’d like to get it looking fresh once again. To specify, I’m talking about the “ROCKSTAR” logo on the back deck and the 3 "JK"s on the front and underside. If anyone knows of where to get replacements of these stickers/decals please let me know.

Typically rotomolded boats have the decals applied in the mold; they aren’t stickers per se. That said, I can’t be 100% sure without seeing a photo, but I’d also suggest contacting Jackson directly as they will certainly know how the decals were applied.

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Interesting. I didn’t know that, but it makes sense as most adhesives don’t do well on polyethylene.

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I remember seeing a video a long time ago about the rotomolding process and it showed how they put the decals into the mold before adding the plastic and heating it. Might have been from Necky but I’m not sure now. Very interesting process.

That said some plastic boats, like my Valley Gemini, do have vinyl “stickers”. My Dagger and WS boats have the in-the-mold decals. The Gemini is a triple layer boat, maybe there are differences in the molding process that require them to use vinyl stickers for the triple layer boats??

Your Gemini hull may be somewhat different, but my OT Camden is also a three-layer sandwich of foam between two layers of PE. Out of curiosity, I’ll take a close look at the lettering. A few years ago, I applied some reflective pin-striping a few inches above the waterline for visibility at dusk - it did not adhere well. On the other hand, it was an automotive product, not marine. I’m sure there must be stickers with more aggressive adhesives specifically for poly under wet conditions.

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The Gemini has a textured outer layer, but the places where the stickers go are smooth and shiny. The boat is almost 9 years old now and the stickers are still stuck, although are showing some wear.

The Camden is just the opposite - textured inside and smooth out. Also, it appears that the lettering was applied in the mold as I can feel no raised edge around it as I’d expect with a sticker or decal. The boat is coming up on it’s 7th summer. It’s my knock-about/occasional fishing platform/novice guest boat so durability has been very good.
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Nothing like the EC, but then again the Camden is nothing like your Mirage!!!