Jackson Regal Sprayskirt

Anyone know what size spray skirt fits a Jackson Regal? I think it will have to be nylon. Dimensions of cockpit are 49.5 x 22.5 with a circum. of 119". Just need something to keep the paddle splash out. Sent an email to Jackson CS and they do not know. The Seals web site says they don’t have one. Tried to email Seals CS but email won’t go through. Thanks.

I suggest you phone Seals or Snap Dragon & talk to a human. Both are good companies & do fine custom work.

Regal skirt
I am looking for the same thing. I sort of browsed the skirt fit website and found a common kayak with similar cockpit measurements. The Perception Prodigy 10/12 measures 51" x 23" or 1.5" longer and 0.5" wider. That kayak calls for a Seals size 5.5 and Harmony size 52/22. I haven’t bought one yet but figure either of those would fit since they can be tightened with the bungee. Especially if you’re looking for a half skirt since the width is so close.

Not sure if you saw but the Snapdragon fit guide does list the Regal but the rest of their site doesn’t seem to work.

Good luck and keep us posted if you try one!