Jackson Riviera vs OT Twister vs Typhoon

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I was wondering if there is any real difference between the Jackson Riviera and Old Town Twister? I’ve heard that the Old Town Twister is the new Dimension Typhoon and that Jackson kind of copied the design with the Riviera. I tried a Riviera yesterday and loved it as a general play in the surf boat. The seat mold was also very comfortable. Thing is, I can get an Old Town Twister wholesale ($300) through a friend, so I can’t decide if it is worth it to pay $500 for a Riviera.



Jackson doesn’t copy. They have
an outstanding naval architect on staff, Dave Knight. A resemblance between any OT boat and any Jackson boat would be dumb luck on Old Town’s part.

That settles it
I did not know that. I’ll go with the Jackson. Thank you.

I talked to a Jackson Rep

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a couple of years ago since their Riviera looked so much like our old OT H2YO (which was their version of the Typhoon Dimension). Well, OT had quit making the H2YO and a lot of outfitters used it and really liked it. So, some of the bigger outfitters approached Jackson and asked them to make the H2YO/Typhoon. They did and called it the Riviera. It's essentially the same, but they beefed up the construction a little. They also got rid of the luggage carrier behind the backrest which was problematical anyway. They also added a hatch for the non-outfitter ones. But the hull/seat are the same old OT H2YO/Dimension Typhoon. It appears that OT has reintroduced the H2YO and renamed it the twister, but I don't know how it compares to the Riviera.


I ordered the Jackson
today from Backcountry because my local dealer didn’t have any in stock. I decided to go with the Riviera because it was such a fun ride and comfortable (I favor molded SOT seats). The Twister might be cheaper, but since I couldn’t find one to try, I figured the extra money will be well spent on the Jackson. This will probably be my go to boat on Class II runs. If I like it a lot, I may consider upgrading to a SOT with thigh straps.

Thanks for the information!

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I have a Jackson Riviera, and it makes for a great surf, and class 1 - 2 boat.

I outfitted mine for this purpose with a set of clip on thigh Straps which works very well, similar to this: http://www.sitons.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/20151026_1431242028394x70029.jpg

and an assortment of pad eyes. not just to attach the thigh straps to but one for the Paddle leash, as well as one behind the cockpit for stuff attachment It’s kind of my go-to boat, for general use. Even though I have a touring boat, fishing boat, etc if I’m just out and screwing about it’s the one that sees the most use.