Jackson Rogue 9 and 10

Has anyone out there had any experience with the Jackson Rogue 9 or Rogue 10? I recently paddled both models for several hours and liked the way they performed in easy rapids and, with the skeg down, on flatwater. However, after sitting the seat for more than an hour my butt hurt so badly that I decided not to buy one. What’s your opinion of the Rogue?

Look into
Liquid Logic’s remix xp 9 or 10 instead. Far more plush outfitting, better hull design and available in a really cool black color with blue or red or green accents.

While I know Woody and others in the
LL camp, and like their approach to design, I also know that Dave Knight, the naval architect for Jackson, does not design slow or “bad” hulls.

When judging these crossover designs, it helps to consider carefully what the designer meant to achieve.

Anyway, the OP seems mostly concerned with PITA.

butt hurt might be fixable
with seat and foot pedal adjustment if you otherwise like the boat. (Maybe you already tried that.) I have not tried the boat (so take this with a grain of salt), but my sense of it is that, within the crossover group (Remix XP, Fusion, Rogue), the Rogue leans a bit less toward the bigger more technical whitewater – which may or may not be what you are looking for anyway. On the other hand, some vids online do show the Rogue peforming in pretty big water – probably with very good paddlers. IIRC, the Rogue has a bit more V in the bow than the others which would be nice cutting through the flatter water especially. I have seen more online discussion of the XP and Fusion (they have been around longer) than the Rogue – Colorado Kayak Supply’s blog, for example. CKS carries the Rogue, but has been quiet about it (so far) on their blog. So, I’m glad you asked the question, maybe we’ll hear from other folks who have tried it.