Jackson Rogue

Anyone had an opportunity to paddle the new Jackson Rogue? I understand that it’s basically a revamped Allwater, most noticeably it appears the raised knee bumps are smoothed out and maybe the the edges are a bit softer. Any reason to believe this boat would be any different than the Allwater (tracking, maneuverability, etc.) besides not banging your hands on the knee bumps upon every paddle stroke?

All-Water was DOA
The whitewater/crossover boats are hot. Look at two others, the Pyranha Fusion and Liquid Logic Remix XP. Jackson being a leading whitewater boat producer should have built an awesome boat for this category. Instead they built the All-Water. It’s a fine flatwater boat, but doesn’t have great characteristics for paddling in whitewater, even though it’s outfitted like one.

The new Rogue is what the All-Water should have been. I imagine flatwater handling will be similar, but those looking for a whitewater boat will like the Rogue a lot more.

In my area of the country, there isn’t much whitewater; no need to own a dedicated whitewater boat. These crossovers all offer fun in the rough sections, but also paddle efficiently through the miles of flatwater before/between/after the rapids.

Don’t know about the Rogue
It looks as if it is without the retractable skeg that is a feature of the Pyranha Fusion or Liquid Logic Remix XP9 or XP10.

I have paddled the Fusion a couple of times but only for short distances on flat water, but I was impressed with it. The skeg worked well and it was easy to roll.

I have heard good things about the LL Remix XPs as well, but never paddled one. For myself, the retractable skeg would be a desirable feature and if the Rogue lacks one, I would be inclined toward the crossover designs from Pyranha and Liquid Logic.

The Rogue has a skeg
I’m in the market for a Fusion, Remix XP, or possibly the Rogue if it proves better than the Allwater. I don’t live near any Jackson dealers so I won’t have a chance to try it out first hand. I tried the Allwater that happened to show up at a local paddling spot, but I didn’t care for it much compared to the Fusion or Remix XP. I’ve been leaning toward the Fusion because it seems to track a little straighter, and the hatch is more watertight than on the Remix. But, now that the Rogue in the mix, I’m trying to gauge its worth before settling with the Fusion.

Canoe & Kayak magazine
just did a five boat comparo that covered the Jackson and Liguid Logic RemixXP10. You might want to check that out. Well done. Somewhere in the last 4 issues I think. Sorry I can’t give you more detail.

XP 10
I love my XP10. I also paddled a Fusion. It is solid but I felt a little small for me at 6’ 235# plus a little extra gear. Paddled the All Water and was not impressed. IMO…the drop skeg sounds nice but they are prone to breaking. I rarely used mine any more. I spose it is nice to have but you have to be careful and pull it up in shallow water. I paddled mostly class I/II with FW stretches in between.Good luck.

Haven’t seen the Rogue, and saw the
Allwater only in pictures, but it appeared to me that the Allwater was aimed at a less ww/adventure oriented market than the Fusion and XP10.

The designer at Jackson is a naval architect and ww paddler. He is likely to have taken steps to aid tracking even without a skeg being deployed. Sometimes what he and Eric Jackson offer in a first attempt (as with the first SuperHero) is not accepted because it doesn’t square with market expectations, but the basic design of the hulls is always first class. Jackson Kayaks is less imitative than other companies can be, so it’s important for a prospective buyer to read between the lines and study the hulls carefully.

Jackson roague
I spent a day testing the remix, the fusion and the roague, having set out to buy a remix. Jackson may not have got it right first time “the allwater” but with the roague they are bang on the money.It is apleasure to paddle, The skeg is the best to opperate and tracks realy well,the outfitting is superb.The roague deffinately gets my vote,and my money.Probably the best boat I have ever bought. WEll done Jackson.