Jackson Sweet Cheeks seating

I’m looking at getting the Jackson Daytripper Kayak this spring. I already tried one out and about 10 other kayaks and determined the DayTripper is the Kayak for me.

I’m looking at the version with the Sweet Cheeks bean bag seating as it is 125 bucks cheaper vs the Daytripper with the Elite seat.

Anyone have any experiance with the Sweet Cheeks seating application in a DayTripper or in another brand kayak. I know they are not just for Jackson Kayaks. Seems to be a great setup as you can get it to mold to your seat!!! lol.



I have it in my Jackson 4 Fun. It’s
just okay. I have other yaks without the sweet cheeks and i am just has happy.

Not a must have
SweetCheeks are a novel idea but not earth shattering. I pulled mine out of my Jackson and use it in my skin on frame.

Redfish seats
I have not seen it, but I just bought and installed a couple of seats from Joe at Redfish kayaks. I am sold on them!

I know, not what you asked. Darn it, everyone else is rubbing off on me!