Jackson Tripper 12 - Dog friendly?

-- Last Updated: Jun-09-16 12:32 PM EST --

Hey has anyone tried this kayak at all with their dog? If so how has it worked for you? And what size dog do you have?

It looks spacious enough when you remove the splash cover from the front.


Winner, winner…
chicken dinner!

Looks like everyone here loves the Jackson Tripper because they can comfortably paddle with their pets. I’d say if that’s your consideration then the Jackson might be the one for you!


As long as…

– Last Updated: Jun-11-16 4:09 PM EST –

...the dog isn't too big, it sure looks like it would work.

I think I'd want a flotation bag in the bow though, and I'd say that Jackson giving the boat three stars for "Ocean Touring" might be a tad optimistic!

For protected waters it’s probably ok. Just remember a couple things. One if the dog jumps out of the boat unless the dog is tiny you will have almost no chance of getting it back on board. You’d have to dead lift the dog from below you from a kayak seat, would be a good trick. Stay close to shore.

The other thing is the boat is 30" wide, it’s going to be s l o w.

Bill H.