Jackson Tripper 12

Does anyone own or have used this kayak. Looking to buy on, and would appreciate feedback…good and bad.



A design for inland flatwater done

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by a very experienced design team. One advantage is that it has sealed airspace so that you don't need to add flotation. The features appear well thought out, and for its length and width, it probably will paddle easily enough.

Few regulars on pnet would consider such a pedestrian craft, but that's no reason why you shouldn't buy one. It will serve well on protected flatwater such as smaller rivers and calm lakes, and could do short ocean inlet voyages when conditions are calm.

I did not see a quoted length, but it will not be light. Expect that two people may be needed for loading and unloading, or that special loading gadgetry may be needed. I'd estimate at least 60 pounds.

Link to Jackson site


Jackson Tripper 12
Thanks for the feedback. The weight is not a big issue. I was told it is 65 lbs. I liked the stability of the kayak and the extra room to take the dog and a cooler, or fishing gear if needed. I will be in rivers and some in the great lakes, Superior and Michigan. Might tow it behind my inflatable, (10ft Achilles w/9.9 Merc). I really like the seat in the Jackson kayak. I was told that you can get a skirt to cover the entire cockpit if I want to use it in rougher or cooler weather.



This boat not for the Great Lakes

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The Jackson folks are very clear that this a boat for flat water. The great lakes are an inland sea. It is not flat.

Skirts on very big cockpit boats can fail in rougher conditions because they have so much surface that enough water hits them to compromise their ability to hold. Theoretically a neoprene skirt would work better - if you wanted to pay nearly as much for the skirt as you did for the boat for a custom model and get extra straps built in to be able to pull it off. (the grab loop is likely to be too far to reach)

Tripper 12
I have spoke to a couple folks that have been to Munising in this boat and they did fine. I understand the great lakes can get rough. Spent 25+ years boating on them. From Lake Erie to the North Channel, The Sault, etc. Also looking at an Evoke kayak and some others. I know if I plan my days and times this kayak should be fine.