Jacksonville ,Fl question

We will be arriving there at about 5pm on a Friday.

is it better to go through town or around the loop.

definately around, where are you heading?

We can answer your question only if
you are paddling around or through the loop.

Go Around

I’m wondering . . .
If you arrive in the area at 5:00 PM during Friday rush hour, I’m not sure it will make much difference. Traffic probably will move faster on the loop - especially if you’re not going all the way around, like to Hwy 10. If you do head that way (not down I-95 S below JAX), watch carefully for the exit off I-95; the signs have been tricky lately b/c of the construction.

I used to drive around the loop
But, honestly, I think that the time spent jammed up in trafic is about equal, and the distance is greater on the loop. I now drive strait through.

I travel between Orlando and Charleston
frequently, and I always go straight through Jax on I-95 without a problem.

On the other hand, I don’t do it at rush hour on Friday.

Jacksonville, FL
I would take the 9A loop around. You will pick it up from I95 just north of town and will end up at I295 & I95 south of town.

We are headed to Jupiter.
What is the 9A loop?

Orland, J’Ville, Atlanta, Nashville, wherever… Seems to work for us because, what with the more and more frequent sprawl-induced suburbanization of employment as well as residences, the many-to-many tripmaking patterns of Sunbelt metropolises more often than not congests sub- and exurban major arterials as much as if not more than center-city roadways of similar hierarchical stature. And the many-to-many suburban patterns make for traffic congestion in multiple directions as well.

We specifically tried it with Orlando, Jacksonville and Atlanta and found out it was just as if not more painful to use the bypass as it was to cut through the crap, to coin a phrase. Not only will congestion on many peripheral sections be equal to that of radials, but the extra distance incurred will take as much or more time as well.

ANd it is, more or less, the same story here in Miami.

You will understand, however, that coming into town will be easier than leaving town because of peak period flows radiating away from the city center. Nonetheless, I’d grin & bear it for the better overall trip.

I hope you’re coming down to “warm” (LOL!) Florida to


-Frank in Miami

You gonna Loxahatchee or somethin’?

g2d, this trip is for my niece’s wedding
Out and back and no paddling.I have paddled the Lox a couple of times.Nice little river.

Jacksonville, FL
If you’re going to Jupiter then I would take I295 to I10 at rush hour. The I95 / I10 intersection is really bad at rush hour and under construction.

Over the Rainbow
The 9A loop is a deer trail. Follow the salt licks. :wink:

Go straight through unless you know of road work or an accident. You gotta love those Floridians. They turn an interstate into a one lane left turn. It takes them 20 years to turn it into a 40mph ramp. In the interim they build a bypass that is slower than the original road. It is amazing…


Here’s the deal
Jax is like the face of a clock. The airport is up north of 12 oclock off of I-95. From 12 around to 6 there is a half loop called 9A. From 6 to 12 the ither half of the loop, which is the same road, is called I-295. I-95 goes straight through from 12 to 6, a straight (pretty much) shot. I-10 comes into town from the west at roughly the 9 oclock mark and intersects with I-95. Draw that on a piece of paper unless you have a conceptual mind. The 295/9A loop can be helpful if you don’t want to sit in traffic. 95 will be more traffic but a straighter shot. Roll the dice on any given day. I like the 9A loop for the view of the port and the river as you cross the Dames Point bridge. Clear as mud?

Good description
We don’t call it Flor-i-duh for nothing.

On the other hand, the paddling is great!