Jacksonville, FL

Going to visit for the week of Thanksgiving. Will be near the St John’s in Mandarin looking fo nice day paddles up to 20 miles.

Any suggestions. What about the Ortega River is it nice? Is their good access. Can I have someone drop me off downtown Jax and paddle to Mandarin? Would that be good.

Any paddlers live there and want to share the sights. When I lived there decades ago I didn’t know anyone who paddle more than a two or three maiuls at a time.

Here is my suggestion
Have someone drop you off at the Goodby’s Creek boat landing. Paddle out to the St. Johns River and head south. Go under the I-295 bridge and paddle around Mandrian Point. Your first take out is at Mandrian Park and would be about a 12 mile paddle trip. If you feel like going further head up into Julington Creek for about 3 miles and the next take out spot would be Clark’s Fish Camp on river left. Interesting place to eat. http://www.clarksfishcamp.com/ If you wish to go further go can go down the Julington Creek side to the St. Augustine Road boat ramp or go down the Durbin Creek side and take out on Racetrack road. Look at Google maps to see where I’m talking about.

Good Idea!
I know where Clarke’s fish camp is. Can you tell me where goodby’s creek is? Is the that creek near the Hooter’s? Is there still a Hooter’s there. Hmmm if I wanted I could Have Fried wings for lunch and fried fish for dinner. I wonder how early they serve lunch.