Jacksonville, Florida

Going there over the holidays. Need good rec- kayak day trip inland (within 75 miles of Jax)to get away from my in-laws. (That’s right. The whole Atlantic ocean isn’t big enough!!!)

Already paddled the Intercoastal waterway and St. John’s river on previous trips. Any other suggestions? (Brother-in-law, if you’re reading this post, don’t even think about trying to kick my butt!!!)

Thanks, y’awl.

Silver River
Try the Silver River. Put in at Wayside Park, it’s just a few miles East of Ocala on 41. Go out the canal and hang a right–you won’t be sorry. Also check out my club’s website at www.fska.org


Thanks. Gus.
Interesting: The evil ones (my in-laws) used to live near Ocala, but I never got a chance to paddle there. I did go snorkeling once in Silver Springs and got chased by a small gator (much easier than dealing with my Mother-In-Law.)

Your club looks like a great deal too.

Join us for day trips on Dec 27/28

This time of year I would recommend the Ichetucknee Springs State Park. You can put in at the south entrance, paddle upstream to the north entrance and float back down. http://www.floridastateparks.org/ichetuckneesprings/default.cfm

Another good area is Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia. It is just above the Florida/Georgia border. http://www.fws.gov/okefenokee/

I might be able to sneak away for a day trip depending on the day.


Thanks Ken-Those look like real
good possibilities for me since they’re obviously not out of the way. Just read through the thread once and am going to review my travel plans/logistics to see if I can make one of the day trips with you/fellow P-Netters. My wife doesn’t want to take our hardboats (Neckys)along for the ride down I-95 during this trip (she’s not as hardcore about paddling as I am.) So I might be using a ducky (Sea Eagle 380/Sevylor River X)with a skeg attached. (I’ve kept pace with people in hard boats, no problem.) I even might(god help me)be able to borrow one of my Bro-In-Laws boats(canoe or SOT.) Might get back to you via e-mail, if that’s okay?

It’s fine with me
I live just north of Jacksonville near Fernandina Beach and go down to Jacksonville all the time. I have a SOT you can use if you don’t mind getting wet. http://rotonics.com/hydra/new%20pages/Aquanauttwin.htm It is kind of a barge to paddle for any distance though.


Thanks for the offer…
Probably won’t be necessary though (my brother-in-law really isn’t all that bad a guy). And I’ve done fine with my duckies on numberous occassions and under assorted conditions. (Sometimes much to the chagrin of certain people who thought they wouldn’t be “fast enough” for me to keep up with their much longer, much more expensive hard boats!