James river va

Any word on the 100 miler in va on the James river for 2015?

James River 100 miler
I’ve not done a 100 miler on the James, just 50s, above and below Lynchburg. I live in Lynchburg and have provided shuttle for through paddler doing the entire James and wanting to skip the “dead zone”. Between Snowden dam and Lynchburg is 7 dams, most paddlers skip the entire section. I may be interested in a 100 miler depending on time of year. If I can’t go, I will be glad to work a shuttle out for anyone wanting to skip the “damned” section.

They had a race on it in 2014 with about 30 hours difference in times depending on whether they paddled straight through or camped out. That makes it a little different then most of the races I do.

I sent you a private response through
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I’ll send one through regular e-mail.

Watch for it.


2015 James River Rundown is now up
the website has been refreshed and there are two 100 mile races (one straight through and one with a campovernite). There’s also a 40 miler and a 20 miler.