Jammed skeg on Tempest 170 RM

I guess I ran my boat up on shore with the skeg down once too often and now if I retract it all the way it won’t deploy manually- I have to pull it out with pliers. So what’s the fix? Any help will be much appreciated.----Rich

Sounds like you may
have a kinked or twisted cable inside there.

If so, you’ll have to replace it in order to restore smooth function and full deployment.


the other thing to check is the tube the cable runs in. sometimes it comes loose and will cause the problem you describe.

check at the fitting on top of the skeg box and the fitting right behind the slider. it is sorta hard to see as it’s just outboard of the seat. You can see if it is loose, tho.

good luck


cleaning out skeg line hose?
I wonder if increased friction from salt and grit causes the hose to disconnect when forced to deploy? Sure made a huge difference when I cleaned out the CHatham 16 housing.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.
If I need to replace any parts, where can I get them? My local dealer or the company?

local dealer right now
the company soon. we are in the process of setting up a parts dept in customer service. go figure!