Janet Reno


Interesting article.
The photo looks like a publicity shot though, given the way she’s dressed and lack of a PFD.

I wonder

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If Vicky Weaver ever got to go paddling?

She was well liked…
when she was state’s attorney here in Miami before she was Atty General. Used to see her and her staff at some of the honky tonks around town.


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The thought that Reno was responsible for Viki Weaver is lunatic fringe.

B&B isn’t even dead yet
"Sure I can quit. Anytime I want!"

good catch
I don’t know about you but I’m ruined: I can no longer look at anyone in a paddlecraft without noticing PFD or no PFD.

Goes beyond that.
No sunglasses on what appears to be a partly sunny day on the ocean. Not sure if a shirt and dress slacks were kayaking attire back then, but it seems to be an odd thing to wear. Which is why I think it was an arranged photo.

On the other hand, I’d prefer an arranged photo as well as when I paddle, I make funny faces, my nose runs and if I breathe through my mouth, I even drool sometimes. Not a pretty picture.

She was a controversial public figure
But no one will change their mind from a p-net post. I said my piece, and will always express my opinion but I won’t get pulled into the degenerating back and forth of B&B. especially not on a day off with google master like Data.


B&B was an interesting place once you learned the unwritten rules. I left because of the comments of one person that I found intolerable and what I perceived as the indifference of the rest of the board to them.

Heard it was breaking up and dropped in to throw a goodbye on there. I imagine Brent will be on his toes to keep it from coming back to the other boards, at least I hope.

A little bit of back and forth would be fun but that’s just not realistic without a massive effort by the admins as evidenced by the rest of the Internet. People just have different thresholds for butthurt. What I found vile made a few others say tsk tsk and some others snicker. I was on the flip side often enough I don’t judge those on the sideline.

I’ll admit to peeking in once in awhile and scanning the topics and reading a few based on the author. Lillydipper and BigD, a few others, are rational and interesting but trust me kicking B&B was easier than kicking nicotine and along the same line, I don’t like the smell anymore.

Way to go Slushy!

Reno was a tyrant! But Hillary would be worse!

In case you missed it:

You were ruined…
the day you came on P-net and you also ruined P-net!


I’m also on the “new” B&B but doubt it’ll ever be the same

b&b is moving, guy in Roanoke
…and boy are you going to miss it!

well if she’s anything like me
…her sunglasses are at the bottom of the lake!

Why not. The joy of paddling is not limited to age, political party, health, etc… the activity may be limited but the enjoyment can be universal.