japanese surf boat


from the same people teasing us with a very small sea kayak!

20,000 Kroner
Plus shipping to the US, it would have to be awfully good for that price, where in the world do people surf in Sweden?

I Am Telling YA…
You know… I mean… Well… Heck, I wish they would get a distributer here! We be talking serious day touring boats that would give the “Brit” and “QCC” a run for the money.

In terms of “surf boats,” I gonna bet on my NNE surf kayaking buddy, Tim Stratz, to come up with some good design. No shipping and I get to try the prototypes. :slight_smile:


i just asked them if they would consider
shipping a container if 6-10 people wanted to buy!

We’ll see.

Which One?
The surf boat or the Greenland style boats? Actually, if you are serious on the surf kayak, you may want to consider one of the demo Mega boats that will be at Santa Cruz. They going to be sold at around $1,400, as compared to over $2000 brand new, not including shipping.


I am getting more and more partial to that “pink mustang” myself. :smiley:


i was thinking of the sea kayak

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I think I could persuade a few folks from qajaqusa to go in on one.

Those guys at mega kayaks could use some help on their website, that whole thing hurts my eyes, and my soul.

Cool kayaks though.

Would be interesting to see if you could get 5 or 6 folks to pony up. Most seem to be into building… and building… and building… and doing some rolling here and there. :wink: I am almost ashame to having only one SOF to my name, though she is a sweet one. :slight_smile:


Don’t use the EU pricing
See what the price is in Yen direct from Waterfield. If it’s economical to ship/distribute in Sweden, it can’t be that bad in US.

(partial) Container’s an interesting idea - but Sing’s right about the builder mentality cutting into the potential partner pool. I also get the feeling I’d have trouble squeezing into one of those sweet black Greenland style boats, and custom fit is what really make such boats so great.

If there really was a solid market - it’s easy enough to set up a storage space and import on a small scale (I’m near two major ports) that I could probably do it as a side business. Even easier for existing kayak business to add into their offerings. No one seems willing/able to take the risk on initial inventory.

When I hit lotto, I’ll think about setting up an import only outfit for kayaks not normally available in US! Lots of interesting stuff out there, but how many could actually be sold?

Water Field site
In Japanese


I’ll be in Japan the last week of March and First two weeks of April.

I think there is a dealer listed in the city I’ll be in (Kobe). I can’t read the Kanji well enough to figure out the whole address. There is definately a dealer in Osaka, about a forty minute train ride.

If anyone is seriously interested I could try to find a dealer for a first-hand report. I’ve been over there enough to have tapped out all of the regular tourist ways to kill a non-working weekend.

ok I got a response from the danish

They would ship a container with only 5-6 but it would be fairly expensive, but if we filled the container, we could really get a better deal.

Anyone interested in going in on this venture?

Personally I’d like to do it, but it’s a big commitment.