JAWS return

An absolutely terrible, click-bait article. I’ve caught 1/2 eaten fish all my life. A long time ago sharks & barracuda learned to eat hooked fish. Once as a kid in a small pond, I even broke a cane pole I was fishing with because a huge bass attempted to devour a bluegill I had hooked.

And a side note for you fisherman: I landed the bluegill after the bass finally let go. The bluegill was almost entirely scaled from being in the mouth of the bass.

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That’s one of those surprise moments for newbie or kids fishing for panfish. You hook a bluegill and… WHAM!.. a bigger bass or pickerel snatches the bluegill. This is the stuff that “hooks” newbie fishers to fishing. :slight_smile:

sing (who still has a virtual hook embedded!)

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I don’t see “a real problem”. If they can’t handle the competition, they should get out of the game.

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That bass did you a favor, scaling is messy :laughing:

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I won a fishing rod in a kid’s fishing tournament with the head of a huge kingfish! Saw the shark come up and take the rest of the fish. My prize was for the most unique catch. This was back in 1961 or 1962.


Agree 100%! For me, I was already solidly hooked on fishing. That bluegill/bass day just set the hook more firmly.

Muskies occasionally help themselves to hooked fish in my neck of the woods.

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friend caught a 25 lb blue fish in channel by Lido Beach Long Island left side of inlet all of a sudden it was half a fish.

Sharks are definitely on the ride around LI


she lost 20 or 25 lb. of flesh on her leg :sob: