Jeep Grand Cherokee front tie downs?

I bought a pair of nylon straps that fit under the front hood. The straps run through a thick rubber hose-like piece that sits inside of your hood. You pull the straps through so they extend out from under the hood when the hood is shut, providing strong anchor points where there weren’t any before. The rubber hose piece keeps the strap in place. Search for them on AMZ or eBay. I paid $11 for the pair.


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I still have honk stamps on painted surface will wear the paint. You have me an idea to put straps through thin shrink wrap tubing no drunk on it. Then rubber won’t move and rub the hood.

I use loops of Kevlar “pulling tape” wrapped around underhood sheetmetal in my 4-Runner even though it has awesome front tow hooks. It’s very secure for the boat and gentle on the vehicle and avoids rubbing on the front end paint.

Will try straps 21 bucks for Yakima. Hooks would be 500 probably installed. I’ll put cloth there on paint possibly or temporary tape.

I caved the straps are not webbing material more like plastic / rubber.

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Hood doesn’t close

I’ve been using Thule Hood Loop straps for about 8 years on a Santa Fe and there are no signs whatever of any damage to the paint. I found a couple of bolts on the front suspension towers I could attach them to and I just open the hood and flip them back when I don’t need them. Using loop-to-loop connections makes attaching bow lines so easy…

Similarly I use two loops of Sta-set rope attached to tie downs inside the car at the rear. Again, loop-to-loop connections make the stern lines easy and I’ve had no paint wear under the tail gate.

I would position them further in. So the cross piece is hanging over the open engine compartment. I have the same ones, that is what I do, works fine.

Yes putting them past it all in engine compartment works. Not thrilled about that. Thanks

Yes few bolts there for strap option under hood. Thanks

I use the same thule straps, but I fed each of them through a chunk of plastic tubing to reduce wear on the strap - probably not needed.

You may have to pop the air dam out, using the push connectors, to access more bolts. My Durango – same body – was this way. 20 minute job. Mine are just aft of the top of the wheels. I just used excess from some ratchet straps.